Anything I could do, they could do…

This post is not about music, though the current experience is unfolding because of my wife’s musical skills. We are at the Wintergreen Music Festival in Virginia. She is working like crazy; I am working out like crazy.

At the gym.

I have decided to try muscling my physical deficits into submission. A stupid idea, I know, but it offers a certain sense of accomplishment. (I am getting stronger, if not more adept.)

The pre-stroke me could occasionally power my way to success, even when skills were lacking. For a few years I played squash a couple times a week. All of my partners were more skilled than I, but every once in a while I could win a game on aggressiveness alone. No finesse, just muscle. The victories gained in this fashion were not particularly satisfying (because I knew I didn’t deserve to win). But least I didn’t lose.

Sometimes that’s enough.